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GPS POI for Australia

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POI Category: Wifi Hotspots in Australia    (Change POI category)

Exchanges Exchanges POI - Telstra Exchanges (NSW).

Internet Cafes Internet Cafes POI - Internet cafes, kiosks and wireless hotsposts with high speed broadband email and Internet access, USB ports and printers.

Mobile Phone Retailers Mobile Phone Retailers POI - Find your local independent mobile phone retailers in Australia. Independent mobile phone retailers selling affordable GPS enabled, 3G and 4G generation mobile phones, plans and services.

Optus Stores Optus Stores POI - Optus retail stores in Australia. Find your local Optus store locations in Australia. Optus it the second largest telecommunications company in Australia. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Singapore Telecommunications (ASX: SGT). The company primarily trades under the Optus brand. Optus owns and operates its own network infrastructure. It provides services both directly to end users and also acts as a wholesaler to other service providers. Optus provides high speed broadband, NBN, wireless and dial-up internet services.

Telstra Stores Telstra Stores POI - Telstra retail stores in Australia. You can go in circles trying to find the best mobile plan or Internet deal. Telstra's main competitors are TPG (Phone: 1300 106 571) and Optus. Visit or call Telstra retail store, Telstra Tlife store or Telstra Business Centre if you can't find any better 4G and 5G mobile internet plans, NBN and broadband Internet in Australia. Telstra claims to be an Australia's leading telecommunications and information services company with the most expensive pre-paid and post-paid plans, coverage and Philippines based customer and complaints support. Telstra offers as good phone and broadband services as in any third world country.

Vodafone Stores Vodafone Stores POI - Vodafone retail stores in Australia. Find your local Vodafone store locations in Australia. Vodafone it the third largest telecommunications company in Australia. Vodafone offers the latest personal mobile phones and tablets, great value plans and prepaid, plus mobile broadband plans.

WiFi Hotspots WiFi Hotspots POI - POI database with Australian wireless (WiFi) Hot Spot locations.

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