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1609 Sturt Street
Alfredton VIC 3350


   Phone: +(03) 5342 9257
Chemist Warehouse Alfredton


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Contact Details
Phone:(03) 5342 9257
Phone:1300 367 283
Stores:1300 734 876
Fax:1300 363 879
Fax:(03) 5342 9270
Video Call ID: ☎ Video Chat 🔊


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Opening Hours
Monday:8.30AM - 9.00PM
Tuesday:8.30AM - 9.00PM
Wednesday:8.30AM - 9.00PM
Thursday:8.30AM - 9.00PM
Friday:8.30AM - 9.00PM
Saturday:8.30AM - 5.00PM
Sunday:10.00AM - 5.00PM

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Maps and GPS directions to Chemist Warehouse Alfredton and other Chemist Warehouse locations in Australia. Find your nearest Chemist Warehouse. Chemist Warehouse store locations in Australia.
Some stores may have slightly different prices on selected lines. Please check with your local store to give you an indication of the saving you will make compared to buying from a standard retail pharmacy.

Please note: Business hours may not be accurate due to COVID-19 related restrictions. Please contact your local store to get the most updated information.

Chemist Warehouse:  Distance 
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Chemist Warehouse Sunbury 101.2 km 62.9 mi 🡢
Chemist Warehouse Corio 84.4 km 52.5 mi 🡦
Chemist Warehouse Geelong 88.5 km 55 mi 🡦
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