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I own a GARMIN Nuvi 50LM. The machine said I needed to up grade my maps. I have unlimited upgrades with the purchase of this unit. I plugged the GPS in my lap top and what I thought was an upgrade wiped out my current maps and wiped out my detailed maps. Then I got a notice that there was an error. Since all attempts to down load anything at first gave me the message that the device could not be found. So I found out that Microsoft recently passed a down load that may have affected my ability to have Garmin find the machine. So I down loaded the fix. Now the Garmin Express down loads something and the says there had been an error and nothing has been or can be down loaded?

So here seems to be no help from Garmin and no help from Microsoft. I am not amused. Please advise a fix if there is one. Thank you for listening. Sad

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Garmin forum Reply to topic Your DOWN LOADS ERRORS!
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