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ann roles


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i have a moonar sat nav rom version
software version: vn.
oem info:
platform id: 5946504e44383243
device id: 7156dc577f49ffd0
but when I click on the navigation icon it wont load. Iit just clicks. I did have to factory reset.
Can you help please?


GPS: moonar

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I had and still have issues with mine ... most seemed to stem from it not liking to get too far into booting before i started the car ... diesel you have to wait for the glow plugs. It also didnt turn itself off when the power went off.
I brought a cheap gps and i got a cheap gps so i turn it off manually now and dont leave it plugged in so it only starts when the car is going and i plug it in.... this seems to have sorted many of the problems and i havent had to reset it for a long time now. sometimes when it does glitch i can just hold the button down until it turns off and restart it and all is well again without stopping to find something small to use the reset.
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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in iGO forum Reply to topic Moonar sat nav
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