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Hello Everyone Very Happy

Just thought I would make my own thread up with regards these imported Satnav's.

I would just like to say for the money of them they are very good to be fair, and I had 1 which I brought from a member on here, a few years, and it's only just broke (my fault). It has always got me where I wanted to be, so saying that I brought a new 1, and this 1 does all the sharp corners, railway crossing, etc, gives a warning triangle on the screen which the other did not. Cool

The only problem with them is updating the maps and it will not show speed cameras ....

I brought IGO Primo (2.4?) software.

I have downloaded 4 safety camera downloads from this site and all I can see is bus cameras. Can someone please explain?

Many Thanks for any help regards this

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in iGO forum Reply to topic IGO Satnav Downloads
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