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Hi I'm a Newbie
I have a built in HiTv GPS fitted to my car which uses the Igo 8 software
It has a 2GB SD card which already has 1.4GB used from the 1.8GB capacity
I tried to copy all the SD card data to an 8GB SD card, when I tried it in the GPS,
it booted up but would not allow the Navigation part of the program to come on.
I then tried again using a 2GB card copied the data to it and see if the problem
Was the capacity of the 8GB card. I had the same result with the 2GB card it would not allow
the Navigation to come on I used the "Naviextras toolbox" program for the above operation
Any help would be appreciated
Ciao Alf Zappala
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Maps license is recorded in the original card, you can not make copies, now has to resort to a false copy or buy a new genuine copy
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While I do not know the answer to your problem, I suspect it revoles around the copy method you are using.

The reason for this thinking is that my iGO is installed on a phone and that phone does not have an SD card slot. To install the programme on my phone it is necessary to copy the contents of the SD card to my computer and then just copy the entire contents of the iGO directory to the internal storage of the phone. That achieved, the system works as expected. So it is apparently neither a restriction on copying the license and nor is it some capacity of the unit to identify and refuse a copy in place of the origional.

My suggested solution (if you have not already found one) is to use an image copy programmes such as "Acronis" or the free programme "Clonezilla". These programmes copy the entire contents of the drive, in this case your SD card, byte by byte and therefore the image is exactly the same as the original.

Give it a try. "Clonezilla" is free.

Good luck
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WinCE 6 support up to 4GB microSD card.

ipapa GDT4


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SD card image makers and writers include DD (standatd under Linux or there is a Windows version) or Win32DiskImager. Both of these make copies of a GPS card that works afterwards however be sure the card is EXACTLY the same size - i.e. number of sectors. An 8GB card for example from one manufacturer isn't always the same as one from the original unit. (Toshiba microSD cards are a few hundred sectors less than the supplied card in my car GPS for example).

73 ipapa-GDT4

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