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# Username GPS model Pros Cons Rating
1 TomTom 2535 Very good. Good graphics. Accurate. Too many menus to add a POI on the fly. Poor battery life. Takes far too long to download updates.
2 TomTom Go Live 825 frequent updates
good live info
internet connections is slow when doing a local search 7
3 lastminmary TomTom225 & Nuvi 40 I find that the TomTom is easier to use then the Nuvi. Won't show custom poi file that I have put in the Nuvi TomTom is much easier to put poi files in 7
4 travellingwilburys1 TomTom XXL Ease of use.
Very competitive pricing.
No verbal street names. 7
5 richardtyler11 TomTom GoLive 1005 Camper andd Caravan Very quick boot up time.

Seems to work as advertised by routing to avoid routes not suitable when towing a caravan

Very slow updates time. Although it shows which lane to be in when leaving a motorway or dual carriageway, it is slow to show the next turning and so often you end up in the wrong lane. Mapping in the main is very accurate but as with a number of GPSs (I have several), local knowledge shows much shorter routes in several instances than the SatNav plots 7
6 peter.kerney012 TomTom 2535 TM WTE Accurate maps, excellent plotting of fastest routes, clear vocal instructions, prompt notifications of alternate routes in case of traffic problems. Some knowledge of computer operations is a minimal requirement, as well as thorough reading of manual and other documentation provided with device before getting started. Some maintenance and updates cannot be done by self, but only with help of customer service. 7
7 billd TomTom GO730 rugged - use it on motorcycle Only 50 waypoints maximum 7
8 dick.tiernego TomTom / iPhone 4S simply the best. never misses to get me to my destination. not much to configure for the geeks. just comes as is. 7
9 ipap-GPS Garmin2595-TomtomAndroid This 3rd Garmin GPs, Had StreetPilot 530, Nuvi680 . Very fast startup (warm/cold). Very accurate navigation, Voice Commands are great feature that is a necessity with demnrit points tickets these days. Sound is loud and automatically bumps up with noise. Easy mount, Mini-USB connector. SD card slot. If purchased from Costco, comes with dashboard base. Bluetooth profile is for phones only, could not pair with Car audio system. Smartlink SW Android must turn the GPS sensor on my cellphone which drains the battery and defeat the purpose of standalone GPS. I could have stick with my Tomtom Android on the phone. traffic cable is extra. Does not play MPS, does not have audio jack, if speaker dies, good luck. 7
10 jack.schofield TomTom go 825 Fairly easy to navigate, good clear screen, good reaction time during manouvres. I like the voice control. Mount is solid and precise. Navigate via needs improving, I find it doesn't always do what I want it to do. 6
11 sylvie.bueb Tomtom One IQ Routes It is quite OK and until now always took me to destination When the battery is completely empty, it takes too long to recharge the minimum to get started Sometimes takes too long to find the satellite signal  
12 davisrs TomTom XL Larger screen than my original One system.
Voices announce names of roads, towns and route numbers as well as onscreen view.
More memory than One
There are still areas where Tom Tom does not come close to navigating the local roads, not just the XL, but all Tom Toms. 8
13 ruidomonte4 tomtom one xl Fast to recover the trace, fast to recalculate the travel. loads of memory, loads of information.
Easy to update maps, voices and pois.
The battery lifetime is weak, I am on the third already, the colors are a bit abrasive, the sound is not so spectacular as announced. 6
14 kari.lahteenmaki Tomtom Via125 Easy to use, fast enough It doesn't zoom exact where you want. 7
15 simon-GPS44 Tomtom Rider 2013 Pretty solid device, love the calculation of winding roads with a lot of curves A bit bulky and the installation manual is not good. A little more guidance on how to best place would have been helpful 9
16 jamesnjo TomTom 1005 Traffic live services and google search are great. Slow to refresh when there is a lot going on. 5
17 avison76 Tomtom Rider 2 Adaptability from motorcycle to car, with excellent docks supplied for both.
Maps constantly updated, and more accurate than other devices used
Lack of memory, and inability to expand it 7
18 tvance TomTom Via 130 Easy, intuitive operation. When you come upon a complex intersection, it goes into a mode where the actual lane you need to be in is shown, and stays in that mode throughout the intersection. Very useful. Can take some time to start up. Doesn't seem as accurate as our last TomTom. The lane visualization is great unless there are multiple route/lane changes within a complex interchange. If the Lane Mode stays on too long it can be difficult to know where to go next! 7
19 rg13 Tomtom Go 910 Very good old device. Configurable more than other i had. Im using it with implemented mp3 player together with preamp, amp, and subwoofer. Faster than Tomtom Go live 825. Ive sold 825 even it has live traffic and cameras because it was massivelly slow. No live services. cant see any real weaknesses. Might be usefull more tts voices (more clear voices). Another issue I found little annoing - no constant adjustable zoom for navigation mode. Id like to have constant always same zoom or event better zoom related to speed with limits controlled by user - so minimum and maximum zoom. 7
20 trevord734 TomTom XXL Very good GPS device. easy to use and update The worst windscreen mounting ever, takes a lot of effort to attach the device to the mounting 4
21 craigmonsen TOMTOM Go 730 This is an OLD one, but it still works! Be sure to pick a TomTom that has itineraries (for you pilots out there, its like waypoints on an INS). Also, if you want to operate it via your computer, get a model that uses TomTom Home(r) to connect. The battery is only good for a few minutes, but it is an old machine. 8
22 octbocean TomTom Start 1EX00 It is an entry level model. The menu is easy to use. It allows you to save favourites, pois. Good ratio price/quality. No Advanced lane guidance available. Limited number of favourites (48). Difficult to browse the route on map. 6
23 fbruce64 TomTom VIA 1505TM Traffic feature usually works well (if warmed up)
Speaks street names (computer voice only)
Seems quite capable of navigating
Overall, I'm quite happy with it
It seems to take a few minutes for the device to warm up with respect to knowing current traffic conditions. As a result, I have to use my own judgement at first. Also, it sometimes keeps me on a congested street, when it seems that it would be faster to deke around on some side streets. 7
24 why-beats-how TomTom GO 2535TM WTE clear concise directions especially turn announcements that include street names limited voice commands that then require manual selection which just happens to be illegal when moving  
25 enquiries4 TomTom Go Live 1000 Flexible and fully featured Less than 90 minutes battery life under normal usage. Occasional update issue when connected to PC 7
26 Boettcher TomTom Via 1500 Was on a great sale
Generally easy to use for simple point to point navigation
PC software is poor Multiple point navigation/trips hard to set up PC software does not let you manage GPS like a Garmin does. 5
27 andy.wpg TomTom Start 45 Good screen
Map is much more accurate now
Not as configurable as my old One130 7
28 jsode425 TomTom Sony XNV Excellent implementation of TomTom on a 7 model. All of the features on an all-in-one car radio package. Can be slow, and unresponsive, at times. 8
29 mightymic TomTom VIA 1605TM Big Screen, good traffic updates No Bluetooth on this model 6
30 GDT-tc TomTom VIA 1500 Better operation in bright sunlight than previous TomTom models. Reasonably quick satellite acquisition and route calculation times. Worst issue with all TomToms is the reliance on the internal battery. The battery is a planned obsolescence item. It should continue to run whenever connected to 12v regardless battery condition. Traffic receiver cannot be depended on. 7
31 rwpegg TomTom Go2535 M Live Live Traffic,
Fast Recalculations,
Ability to manually correct & submit map errors,
Screen visibility good even in bright sunlight,
Glass touch screen very responsive.
Google search works well.
Must manually clear route when reaching destination, which gets to be annoying. mytomtom web updates are cumbersome, Can't tell direction to POIs, just distance, which makes it hard to decide if they are on/near route. 7
32 maxibaldi tomtom one 3 europe is very versatile and easy to handle. also lends itself to be updated both at the software level, either as an addition of points of interest and various applications. Adapting, the port also on the bike It has several hardware limitations that prevent them using the latest technologies such as lane change indicator. It also has the small screen compared to the more recent devices 6
33 bravo-GPS Tomtom Go940 HD Traffic System: At least in Europe all devices are connected to a central server via built-in cellphone modem forming a cloud that reports traffic conditions to that server and which is updated every 3 minutes. Especially in urban areas this works very well. This compensates all the weaknesses (see below) Very instable SW: Frequent reboots, need to reset the device due to disappering functionality (no more spoken directions, stubbornly refusing to connect to the mobile network). Strange reproducible effects related to GPS reception: Crashes in 8 out 10 cases when you turn it on in a garage, MP3 playback that will be interrupted for a spoken direction will not recommence when you are driving through a tunnel... 7
34 rljoice4 TomTom Go720 The TomTom Go720 is an excellent performer. Standard features include the provision of an SD card and FM transmission to the car radio. Image quality is not as good as current models. The mounting on to the supplied windscreen bracket is awkward and this particular model is prone to early battery failure. 8
35 laurent.coeffic Tomtom Carminat Cest un très bon appareil, très intuitif, facile dutilisation. Grâce aux services Live, il est possible de connaître précisément létat des embouteillages et ainsi gagner du temps. La télécommande nest pas très pratique et on perd parfois du temps à saisir les adresses. Les nouvelles cartes coûtent très cher. 6
36 crumbaughs TomTom Via 1500 Evrything included and ready to go - nice screen size - easy to use Updating and customizing is a pain 8
37 rossmurphy88 TomTom Traffic, directions, visual layouts. Quiet, battery dies very quickly, glare from sun makes it very hard to see.  
38 edwin.vlasblom TomTom GO940 Live This Tomtom has kept me on my way across Europe, Australia and the US. Good quality maps with navigational assists. Clear view on big screen. Audio for phone by Tomtom is not great, but workable. Sometimes shortest route is taken too literally, esp. in rural areas in Europe at small urban settlements. 8
39 dpk Tomtom GO825 Live Excellent functionality, easy to use, clear screen layout, logical buttons, bright display. Harder to customise than earlier models eg GO730 etc. 7
40 derek_rose Tomtom One IQ Routes Very Intuitive and easy to use. Lots of support Slow to update when driving 6
41 bass00069 TOMTOM GO 2535 It has a large, clear display. It maps out routes very quickly. Plus it comes with lifetime maps. HD traffic is by subscription only. 8
42 manu.pes tomtom via 125 very good gps with high-speed route calculation. recommend. tomtom after sale service not great  
43 bverywitty TomTom XXl This is my first GPS. Strengths are this GPS is reliable most of the time, pretty accurate, I like the 4.3 in. screen and the maps navigate easily. Weaknesses are every once in awhile it is incorrect and misleads you, sound is not loud enough, slow at start up and the car charger cord has not worked since I bought the TomTom GPS and accessories. 7
44 charast TomTom Via1535TM so far it works well. only a few times it has taken me a tad out of my way. Nice large screen and speaks street names fairly ok. MyTomTom device update software is weak at best. Nothing like TomTomHome which is alot better. can get a bit confused in parking lots  
45 grwilson TomTom G1000 Great algorithm for navigation. I know people with other brands who have been taken via long and unnecessary routes. Battery Life is poor. Original battery died and was replaced under warranty. It took weeks to get back. Still not the software of the older models available eg overseas maps. 6
46 eandresen Blue & Me TomTom 2 LIVE Integrates with Fiat and is the unit sold with the Fiat in the US. Does not have the LIVE service contrary to its name... Seems to be a stripped down version of the less expensive off the shelf version.  
47 mariob44 TomTom Via 220 (Start 20) Beautiful interface
Great Navigation
Early voice instructions.
Clear lane guidance, but only works in Navigation mode.
Touchy Sometimes does not start up without pushing power button Bong fest out of the box. Thinks there is a school on every corner. 3
48 tom.clayton TomTom Start 25 Bought in Spain from Lidi, having all the Lidi Spanish stores Does not have an easy way to add additional lists from other Supermarket chains 8
49 sa_-GDT44 TomTom XL Old, but still usable. Slow CPU, no additional features. Sometimes have to wait 2-3 minutes to get GPS signal. 6
50 fella_mo tomtom 825 europe I have to admit the HD live feature works very well. I do like the 5' screen and the lane guidance feature works very well. Battery life is only 2.5hrs at it's best. so i'm constantly finding it more convenient to leave it plugged in the car charging, which isn't good for the long term battery life. 6
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