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# Username GPS model Pros Cons Rating
1 Navman Mio M400 Light and easy to use Not great battery life, probably due to my parents always plugging it in rather than the device itself though!
2 c.n.miller Navman S80 I always liked the S80. Neat design, clear display.
Had free map update in 2009. Safety cam came with trial - but did not renew.
Bluetooth tricky but useable.

Just replaced the battery - not difficult 6.95 post-free
Expensive maps. Device now legacy - support ended in Nov 2013. Just managed to update Discounted maps (2012/09). Will now run it into the ground, and replace when it breaks . . . 7
3 Lindsay_rodgers Navman s35 Not very good value for the high price new.
lack of vol makes hard to here, maps not updated often enough, Support is in the dark ages and about as helpful as a hole in the roof nav desk not been updated since 2008!  
4 atkinscd Navman MY300LMT Clear large screen with voice activated commands make using this GPS device fairly easy. I did like my old TomTom though which I thought had an easier user interface. Navman support isn't that good. I have tried to download 4WD tracks after purchase, however have almost given up as the instructions given on their web site and that of the e-mail they sent me were both incorrect.  
5 lvet Navman MY300LMT Easy to enter my own custom POIs Not so easy to search for Custom POIs. Maps are not up todate, 2 years at least behind actuall road conditions 6
6 del navman panasonic very good, but difficult to update. back up service very poor 6
7 r.bennett24 Navman Tourer 695 LM My criteria for choosing this SatNav was primarily price and then the features. Having had a NavMan before I was used to its features which I find intuitive and easy to use. The lane guidance feature is idiosyncratic - it pops up for some junctions but not all. Does not seem to be up to date with changes in speed limits - even after uploading the most recent files. 6
8 wbeast Navman MY350LMT Large screen
Easy to use
Plenty of features
Haven't used it much, none so far 7
9 jasongoer Navman MY350Lmt Easy to use, clear directions especially with the landmark guidance Have to press a little harder on the touch screen than what I'm used to 8
10 mtechpower Navman Tourer Very good for the the price, amazingly it has a life time subscription of uk maps. The traffic information is never up to date and it would have been good if it had a life time subscription of UK safety camera locations. 7
11 krauel Navman MY Escape Cant think of any strengths!!!!!!!!!! Software and map updates are a constant source of problems. Customer service is useless.  
12 robertbunt Navman My60T Speed, ease of use, cost (bought with free maps for 3 years) updates and learns your routes No celebrity voices like Tom tom, some quirks to maps, like 65km/h speed zones that dont exist lane positions not always clear or accurate 7
13 david_golding Navman MY60T Easy to use and good for traffic alerts. Speed camera updates often remove cameras that I know are still working. Sometimes you lose POIs when you download and install a new map upgrade. Need to keep a known good recent backup handy. 6
14 nstephens Navman Mio 685 Spirit Good at doing its job. Reset function should be on a separate switch to stop you resetting the unit by accident. 9
15 jaysaaan04 Navman MY60T Easy to use, large screen. Touch screen could be a little more sensitive. Can take a while to find GPS. 4
16 snehal.tan Navman My 80T Intuitive, robust, excellent maps and navigation. Bluetooth not so good 7
17 amalia.hartawan Navman MY60T Reliable - have used it for a year Doesn't detect one way street 6
18 sach_2002 Mio Navman M300 Good size and easy to use Require more safety camera files 5
19 ance4 Navman MY80T The intuitive search is good. Just enter a key word and it lists all addresses, POIs etc.

The choice of routes can sometimes be handy...if you know the area.
Navdesk is piece of rubbish. Some of the worst software I have encountered. The map sync has never worked. The My Places are NOT editable from NavDesk as the manual wrongly suggests. The ON/OFF/RESET switch is a step backwards. Its too easy to switch it to RESET when switching it off. My old S90 had a push button, very handy to shut the thing up quickly while you're on the phone. No such luck with the MT series. NavMan Tech Support. Well what good can I say about them except they answer the phone quickly. That of course is where their usefulness ends. Calling them Idiots would be praising them. SUMMARY...Buy a Garmin.  
20 deepakm_23 Navman My60T good lane instructions Not synching with the PC. unable to load maps on system startup 4
21 idpeter44 Mio Navman 685 Big screen - easy to use. PC software not very good. 7
22 sergew1967 NAVMAN Good speech announcements No 7 digit postcodes for the UK 4
23 miketgd4 Navman F50 Few problems. Generally OK. Can only programme from A to B - no ability to use waypoints. getting old now but still usable via this GPS POI downloads. No Windows 7 support. Can only plug in at back of Desktop - will not accept input via any other USB connection. Expensive and out of date maps. Unfriendly user support. Expensive subscriptions for updates with no visiblity of those changes 4
24 Chris.M.Globe Navman 475 Very clear maps and navigational menus. Software can be confusing when it comes to installing new maps. 6
25 philip.willcockson4 Navman MY500XT Easy to use menus, clear voices Would be great to add some fun voices 7
26 warjpascoe4 S80 Navman back on track, really quick,have just upgraded maps to 2010 so far no problem
POI warning seems to be out of snyc with position on map 6
27 whatever123 Navman v505 Large easy to use screen. Good route planning and up to date traffic events. Not easily customisable. MioMore PC software could be better.  
28 furrymush Navman S90i Very quick signal acquisition, huge advantage for me as a first responder. Navpix handy Emily voice a little annoying when speaking road numbers. Says A as in apple instead of Ay. 7
29 sanjaybapna Navman iCN530 Inexpensive and Configurable. I am sure that newer GPS will have more bells and whistles, but this was pretty good when I purchased it. Battery lost all its charging capabilities within a couple of years. The GPS has to be attached to a power source. It takes a tremendous amount of time (4+ minutes) to calcuate a route starting from a cold boot. But, once it is on, then it is able to recalculate easily. 4
30 pnfowdar Navman MY55 Easy to use. Comes with some POIs. Not as clear as other models. Hard to create multiple point trip. Copilot is very clear and is easiest to use. 5
31 christopher Navman iCN520 + Navigon 1200 Both devices fully customisable as running CE 4.2 and 5.0 . Have got Automapa, Tomtom, Igo and Miomap running on both. poor battery life on the 520, and the 1200 isnt much better, but saying that once plugged into car, no worries. 8
32 rgp Navman MY55T Fast adjustments to routes, easy to use, connects to bluetooth phones ,voice can be linked to FM radio The Home button is in a bad spot as I seem to keep running my thumb over it while setting up 6
33 wcsage Navman My30 Clean, minimalist look
Slide-to-scroll now only an option
Chunkier than 4.7-inch models More lane guidance would be nice 7
34 dinesh Navman MY55T Fast adjustments to routes, easy to use, connects to bluetooth phones, Traffic Information (TMC) available (when it works) and suggestions of alternate routes if traffic problems TMC drops out virtually everyday requiring restore to factory defaults 7
35 doug3 Navman MY55T Send Audio for directions and Mobile phone through car stereo. This model does not appear to play music (as was indicated in all sales blurbs) (yet another manufactures sales cons) 7
36 arunan_kanagasingham Navman My50 Series The Navman My50 has the live traffic update.
has better update of the safty alert and it is cheaper compare to the other major brands in gps.also it has good amount of POIs,Has big screen compare to the other brands.It shows several Routing options like sortest, easiast, economy,and fastest.
The touch screen of the navman My50 is hopeless and not working properly.also the software is not user friently for example to find address you have to type the street first and then search all the datas for the city and so. also the software stuck most of the time when you try to review the applications, and even thhough it was told that it shows the road speed limit it is not showing that in the Australian modals. Also the software is useless in showing the safty cameras as some time it is failling to alert and showin the sign but no audio even it is activated. Even though the TMC is activated and giving the traffic update the software is not having the ability to change the route on its own.The Navman has capacity to local search through internet of the Phone but When I connect the Nokia 6220 or My sumsung Omnia both are not pairing with the navman inorder to navigate in the google local pois Also the rerouting calculation of the Navman is slow for me compare to the Route 66 windows mobile software. Even though there are several routing options When you Select shortest options in long distance the Navman take you through small lanes including private Lanes sometimes from the motorway or HWY and come back to the same road later 4
37 jspurling Navman s90i clear, effective, large clear good contrast screen, responsive, looks good, bluetooth, camera, SD slot. lack of cogent support from Navman Aust Navman website hard to follow for support Navman S90i has been deleted (in Europe) 7
38 shyfx003 Navman N60i I bought my navman n60i to replace a tom tom which i hated..working as a european hgv driver it taken the stress out of finding companies all over europe..although suited to the normal motorist i have never had any problems with it sending me down roads which are just not made for hgvs overall its been very good Tmc has packed up a number of times along with the craddle and charger falling apart..all of which have been replaced free of charge by navman 8
39 heifanleung Navman iCN520 Robust casing, both touch screen and handy buttons. Long waiting time in picking up satellite signals when cold start. Voice direction sometimes wrong. Back to track does not work in certain circumstances. 5
40 tony.briar Navman S50 It picks up satellite signals quickly. Not the easiest to mount onto windsreen holder especially with power cord having to be inserted at the botton of the unit. 5
41 avhewitt Navman 520 Well made and reliable. Owned for 4 years, now due for upgrade. Going for same maker. A little slow to re-route. 7
42 dbrenton Navman MY55T Easy keyword search
Easily customised POI
Good street name speech
SlideTouch controls - great after a little use
TMC Data (Traffic conditions) actually works
No auto power off when stopped Inaccurate maps Speed limit advice almost non-existant Many addresses wont come up in search Bluetooth doesnt work with Palm Centro 4
43 lee3333 Navman S70 Easy to use, nice big screen, accurate directions The bluetooth handfree integration is terrible. You can get it to work but it takes ages to connect and doesnt automatically connect next time you use the satnav. 5
44 jamsop navman s35 Lower end unit.
You pay for what you get.
Navman help is non existant. 1
45 miketgd Navman F50 Basic but reliable. Good directions if you stick to Fastest route. Dont pick shortest or you will end in places where they are still fighting the Romans. Bluetooth is good. Traffic warnings useful. Unit let down by pathetic Navman Support. Out of Date Maps and Speed Camera data. Difficult PC interface - has to be main USB outlet. Will not work via a USB Hub. No ability to insert Waypoints (ie Go to A via B, C). No Vista support - have had to keep an old XP PC for Navman updates. Costly postage for Map updates - nearly 5 for an SD card- ripoff. 3
46 ian333333 Navman iCN 750i Large screen. Clumsy attachment to vehicle made more difficult by an externally attached traffic module. Poor battery life. This model is a bit dated now 4
47 heenan35 Mio Navman Spirit 500 First satnav, still learning how to use it. Seems extremely good for getting from A to B via C. Have yet to see how the TMC traffic works for real. Adding POI's is good. Poor battery life away from car. Will charge from usb on computer, but then cannot use it as assumes data link use. Need to lay it on a flat table top to program routes etc as the touch screen seems to sense pressure from rear also. End of a pen cap works better than finger with smaller buttons on screen. 7
48 mr.chau Navman S50 3D A great device with 3D mapping, at a great price. The GPS signal can take a few seconds to find your current location, but once its on its very solid. 7
49 RiccQuintan NAVMAN S55 (S50 3D) Its really fast and good to use, easy to change the software as well. Currently using iGO which is responsible for unleashing the full potential of my GPS receiver. Although its a great device and I wouldnt change it for anything else I find it hard to see the screen in extremely bright sunny days. 9
50 brian01792 Navman S70 Economical, good value. Few wrong turns here and there. Owned for over a year, and no intentions to replace. No voice files, or so it would seem. Traffic facilities are optional and from what I hear not great. 6
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