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# Username GPS model Pros Cons Rating
1 Garmin nuvi 2455LMT Live traffic updates are very accurate. Can be slow in locating satellites.
2 derzonj Garmin NUVI 2597 New device, so far very straightforward and easy to use. Particularly like the sleep feature, no more waiting for the thing to fire up. Took me a while to figure out un-mounting it from the dash holder, but now that I've got it figured, it comes off easy. 9
3 timothywarren13 Garmin Nuvi 154LMT Great for use in Europe, vizualization Voice direction and pronunciation isn't great 8
4 glennostler Garmin Nuvi 1410 Does what it says on the tin.... Better graphics would be a help 6
5 leorobles Garmin Nuvi 2597lmt Start up is quick; telling which lane to be on when exiting a freeway; showing you a picture of your exit sign; free updates I don't like the fact that the auto zoom function really doesn't do anything when disabled. It zooms out too much but doesn't zoom back in where I would like it. Driving through a city and having it zoomed out is not a good thing. 8
6 malleecat garmin nuvi 2689lmt ability to install 3 party maps needs audiable alerts for over speeding, big let down 8
7 georgedaniel_20004 Garmin nuvi 2495 Realtime traffic
Voice control
Smartlink to Android
External aux connection not available 7
8 peteobyrne Garmin Nuvi 52 Good overall coverage. Cheap. Easy to follow. Some maps are definitely out of date and updated maps only come through infrequently. 6
9 isa_4 Garmin GPSMap78 Easy to use, has a Memory card for backup, good accuracy, portable. Touch screen would be awesome. 7
10 herveybay.qld Garmin 2597LMT Good clear sound quality Voice search results pronounce St. as Saint instead of street , e.g. Did you mean 123 Main Saint ? 6
11 iengle4 Garmin Zumo550, multiple Nuvi's Zumo, waterproof, M/C friendly screen visibility in sunlight 6
12 pavlo.deneka Garmin Nuvi 2558 This is perfect device for home No speed Cameras and Red light cameras 8
13 lummis Garmin nuvi 2569LMT-D Only just purchased but lifetime maps and digital traffic sold it to me. Indicator in top left hand corner for next turning could be slightly larger. 7
14 DNX719VHD Garmin Kenwood DNX719vhd built in to the vw specific Kenwood 719vhd radio, works great, use it all the time. Beat my sisters device by 20 minutes at a recent family reunion where neither of us knew the way, Garmin ~40 mins, sisters route on another device ~60 minutes traffic warnings often a day late. Sittting in bumper to bumper, warning traffic ahead it says....No probs, not necessarily Garmins fault but I wish it would more proactively monitor the route it suggests, looking at the whole route instead of whats immediately ahead of you. (to be fair i am not sure any do this) But I do know others are way more on top of traffic and stuff... 8
15 pepsimaxmjs Garmin Nuvi 2545LM Very good. Logical, fast screen response. Good mapping and traffic settings. Takes you down very narrow country roads too often... 7
16 amormortis garmin nuvi t660 good navigation, sometimes a few problems but very reliable. Sometimes it tries to take a route you would not want to because it's longer or a bigger hastle. 8
17 lowrider0308 Garmin Nuvi 1350LMT Lifetime traffic and maps was the best part of this gps. Not a lot of support from Garmin. 7
18 greenforest Garmin Large display, lane guidance Poor voice recognition 7
19 sampsonb Garmin Zumo 220 Great multi-purpose biker friendly GPS Touch Screen sensitivity, Lack of Dashboard customisation options 7
20 miles.nelson Garmin 2597 LMT Lifetime maps and photo realistic junctions Screen clarity is not as crisp as it could be 7
21 paulmorris764 Garmin nuvi 50 Easy to set destination
User friendly
Simple to use
Unable to set way points Cannot set your own route 6
22 nakitechno Garmin Nuvi 1490, 50, 2597, 3595 Nuvi are versitile, easy to make maps for, solid GPS units As models develop it is frustrating that they loose functionality that you have used or developed in various bits of software 6
23 jonmy7 Garmin 660LM Robust, easy to use with gloves on, MP3 player, syncs with mobile (bluetooth). Good mounting brackets. Too many button pushes for some functions. Expensive. 7
24 mini_gint Garmin 3790T 3D maps is an added benefit when traveling in new areas to orient yourself. Junction view is also nice to minimize confusion on road trips. Sometimes seems like a slow processor that lags on map loading and route calculating. 7
25 ac.miroslav Garmin CPT14 - Fiat Freemont Good coverage, speed alert, possible to upload POI no speed cameras, low voice level  
26 brett.druss Garmin Nuvi 200 Very reliable, low profile, great screen quality Cable is thick for device size, route recalculation could be quicker 7
27 brooklynmurk Garmin 3597 Amazing technology in a small package. Very versatile. Easy to use and navigate. Even though its a great unit that youll enjoy using Im not sure its worth the hefty asking price over less spendy garmin models so look for a deal before buying. 8
28 antojohn Garmin Colorado Portable and does its job. No voice instructions. Small screen. 5
29 rosrod Garmin Nuvi 2455LMT Lots of features, good sound, good value. I like the unit but I am disappointed with the keyboard performance. It takes hours to write a address because it prints the closest character but not to the intended one. I have to hit any key several times before it reacts. 4
30 grahamcol Garmin 660 Ideal for motorcycle although a little expensive Software and updates a pain, nothing works first time and need workarounds 6
31 richard.cross Garmin Nuvi 3598 Lovely clear screen, lots of features, nice magnetic mount for windscreen. Feels and looks like a quality product. Pretty fast doing onscreen updates/ recalculations A very troublesome initial setup as Base Maps were missing from device. Also, its almost mandatory to buy an additional SD card for it to work. 7
32 bijday Garmin Nuvi2797 Large easy to read screen Safety Camera warnings only appear when traveling in same direction as camera, no other warnings given 6
33 nick_apostolopoulos Garmin Nuvi 3597 lmt LMT Really good device
quite fast
excellent mounting
If you overload the map with info might get a little bit slower 8
34 philip664haworth Garmin GPS 2820 Great GPS - Easy to Use and quick to calculate. It's waterproof so great on my Motorbike Doesn't have an internal battery 9
35 79aliabbas Garmin/ nuvi2595LM Fast response when using the interface Beeps to late when a camera or when there is a traffic jam. Sometimes it feels as if it has a mind of its own. 6
36 colin-GPS4 Garmin Nuvi 1490 Sensitive, bright display good in daylight adequate sound, came with free map updates, latest update improves Canadian speed info Touch screen not always sensitive, needs more option to control POI behavior, not enough favourites these could go on SD card, maps still need work they still think local cart tracks are paved roads. 7
37 acrisafulli334040 garmin2595 Great device came from 2460 although some things are missing like free red light camera and speed camera also missing is the adjustment of posted speed limit.
however unit is faster and clearer as far as voice and redraw and sats.
No free red light camera, no eco rout without dongle no speed limit edit 7
38 rvandigg Garmin Zumo 390lm Upgrade from Strike Genius. so far very impressed; Large screen, responsive, good Bluetooth capabilities; lots of features pricey; no traffic cable 7
39 doug-GPS4 Garmin Nuvi 7000 A 4.3 older model now but works exceptionally well. Sometimes a little slow to grab satellites 6
40 rambler358 Garmin Zumo 390lm Lifetime maps including Mexico, optional tire pressure monitoring and traffic, glove friendly touchscreen, 7 hour battery life. Non-removable battery, motorcycle mount only comes with a hard-wire cable connection. No RAM option for auto mount, traffic cable can't be used with motorcycle mount. 6
41 serge.rakotomanandray Garmin 3590 LMT Big and luminous screen Personnal POI icons appear very small. 5
42 john.blandford4 Garmin nuvi 3597 Upgraded from old nuvi 1490, so following are what I'm impressed by.
Lightweight and thin / 5 inch screen / Capacitive screen much more responsive than old resistive / Bluetooth / Traffic sensor included in package (old model had to purchase separately).
Bluetooth speaker phone a bit flakey if any road noise. 7
43 ipap-GPS Garmin2595-TomtomAndroid This 3rd Garmin GPs, Had StreetPilot 530, Nuvi680 . Very fast startup (warm/cold). Very accurate navigation, Voice Commands are great feature that is a necessity with demnrit points tickets these days. Sound is loud and automatically bumps up with noise. Easy mount, Mini-USB connector. SD card slot. If purchased from Costco, comes with dashboard base. Bluetooth profile is for phones only, could not pair with Car audio system. Smartlink SW Android must turn the GPS sensor on my cellphone which drains the battery and defeat the purpose of standalone GPS. I could have stick with my Tomtom Android on the phone. traffic cable is extra. Does not play MPS, does not have audio jack, if speaker dies, good luck. 7
44 maxyefremov Garmin 3590 5″ capacitive multi-touch screen
Strong customization options
Powered mount
Exit services
Lifetime map updates included
Lifetime traffic (ad free)
HD traffic reception seems to have improved since initially released on the 3490LMT
POIs can be displayed on the map
Offers several choices of routes
Excellent voice command performance
Extensive junction view and lane assist coverage
Advanced detours allow you to exclude roads from active route
Custom avoidances allow you to exclude roads or areas from all routes
Not as thin as the nuvi 3490LMT Bluetooth sound quality not as good as on the nuvi 295 series; slow to connect 8
45 lyndon.teoh Garmin 3790 Nice, small and fast bluetooth is not very clear 8
46 mdemeyer Garmin Nuvi 1300 All aspects are very good. After 1 year of use, the battery only lasts 20 minutes then flat. 7
47 maco_0074 Garmin Nuvi 52LM Great Price, User Friendly. Safety Cameras and Fixed Cameras locations aren't good. 6
48 donar_2006 Garmin Nuvi 50 Has slot for sd card to load all US maps. Works fine. Voices are abundant as is vehicle selection. Uploads are easy and available Two problems with this unit. First, is that the touch screen tends to be somewhat non-responsive; second, this unit does not have live traffic updates built into it 5
49 nickelz34 Garmin Nuvi 50LM Seems fast and accurate Wish it had bluetooth 7
50 desduncan4 Garmin nuvi 1450 OK i guess, like always you get what you pay for & i paid for a cheapish SAT NAV with lifetime map updates, so i cannot expect a full range of top end features on a budget device, that said it is the best device I have had yet, probably not saying much as it's only my second SAT NAV & the first was a woeful Binatone Carrera! Map updates are not very frequent! The disclaimer on the box was for up to 4 map updates per year for life, however i would be lucky if there was only 1 map update made available per year for this device. 6
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